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The Joy of Stress: Are You Kidding?!

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"Stress" hardly seems to belong with the word "joy".  The two words seem poles apart, like the classic oxymorons "Bankers' Trust", "Government Help" and "Postal Service".  

Stress is the adaptation of the body and mind to CHANGE.  Not just change for the worse, as we see in daily headlines about economic disasters, costly wars, and killer viruses.  But stress is also present with change for the better: just ask anyone who has just graduated, got married, and delivered triplets (presumably not simultaneously!). 

Since change is the only constant left in our lives and in our futures, we better get used to dealing with stress.  Not avoiding it.  Not hiding from it.  But dealing with it.  Most importantly, we need to reframe our paradigm completely.  We cannot control the stresses we are going to encounter, but we can control much about who those stresses land on.  Will those stresses find us to be a sitting duck, or will they find us to be bulletproof? 

The Sitting Duck (PASSIVE) Choices:

  • Overeating
  • Under-exercising
  • Seeking stress "cures", like prescription drugs to wake up, sleep, relax, digest, diet, smile, and even make love. 

The Bullet-Proof (ACTIVE) Choices: 

  • eat organic foods (formerly known as "foods", not tainted with hormones, steroids, antibiotics, and unpronounceable chemicals)
  • exercise sensibly, to burn off tension & anxiety, and to balance food intake
  • Manage your time, your lifestyle and your expenses
  • Learn key strategies to override your natural stress reflexes, like relaxation, and exciting alternative stresses.   

The stresses we have faced, and the choices we have made cannot be changed.  But from this day forth, we can re-frame our mind-set about stress, reboot our skills, and redress our attitude.  If we follow Hanson's "Joy of Stress" principles, we cannot avoid stresses, but we can be inspired to become as bulletproof as humanly possible. 

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