Unfortunately, when stress strikes our finances, we become more vulnerable to diseases and other health crises. 

financial distress

One of the most popular medical journal articles circulating today (during bad times on the stock exchanges), from the European Heart Journal, relates to studies in China, and provides a good international view of the effects of financial distress on the whole planet. [read article…]

A related article, this one from Health.com, also discusses financial stress can also “cause your entire cardio vascular system off”. [read article…]

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But heart disease is not the only result of financial crisis.  One of the many other things that can befall the unwary is the story of our “error rate”,  which always tends to rise when we are focus is absorbed by stress.  Our normal perceptive sensors are ignored, or overwhelmed with “chaff” from our external stress crises, to the extent that we are much more likely to trip, miss a stair, leave our keys or sunglasses at the counter, and to forget our credit card at the restaurant.  But once we climb into a car, we need to be even more careful, especially after a day of bad financial stress.  (To start, make sure you don’t slam your door on any fingers or loose clothing!). 

To start, make sure you turn OFF your phone and your radio when you drive.  After a bad day at the office, you are most likely going to miss that stop sign, or forget to do your seat belt, or forget to slow down on a wet road.  If weather permits, lower a couple of windows, so you can hear surrounding noises, like a bicyclist or pedestrian yelling from your blind side, or the engines of approaching cars etc.  Remember, when stresses are high, all your senses need to be on high alert.  (Note to driving aficionados, even the greatest F1 race teams do not permit loud music and text messaging while they race!)

As a last word of caution, remember that stress is seen with any change, not just change for the worse.  So, if you are under the stress of driving visitors from the airport, be extra cautious.  Same point if you are driving your spouse and brand-new baby home from the hospital.  Take extra time to look both ways, and make sure your distractions don’t get in the way of your stress defense.

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