The most important job that any of us can have is that of manager…of our own department of one.  And nobody ever wants to work for a bad boss.  So let’s take a look at some of the working conditions that we place upon ourselves, and see if we would tolerate any of them being imposed by anyone else.

1.       Exercise deprivation:  Out of a standard 168 hour week, this boss only allows 3 hours for any exercise. 

bad work environment

2.       Food rationing: The foods that will prevent disease and promote good health will be locked away.  The only ones served will be those with empty calories, hormones, chemical additives, and known dangers to our health.  The results will be illness and premature death from obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

3.       Time rationing: The maximum time allowed to speak to our spouse/significant-other in private is no more than 15 minutes a day.  For those with young children, no more  than 9 minutes a day of solo conversation.  The rest of our time away from work will be consumed with talking or thinking “shop”, otherwise known as “unpaid overtime”.  New stresses will result: one in two marriages will fail, and friction between kids and their parents will rise.

4.       Air contamination:  The work environment will be polluted by carbon monoxide and other chemicals, in doses enough to cause illness, and early death. 

Certainly none of us would put up with these horrible work conditions.  And yet, if we are stressed out, and join most of the general public in the above parameters, we are being the worst possible boss to ourselves.  Let’s take a look at the above parameters:

1.  Most people do not allow themselves 3 hours of exercise a week. If they did, they would instantly improve their cardiac health, muscle tone, their mood, and even their resistance to diseases. 

2.  Most choose the wrong foods, making an epidemic of type 2 Diabetes.  Poor nutrients, high calories, and quick eating make for fattening “fast” foods.  Doctors’ offices are filled with people complaining of the resulting ill health.

 3.  National averages for meaningful conversation within families are very disappointing.  With the intrusion of 5 hours a day of “tube time”, most children are too engrossed in the internet, video games or television to have a real interaction.  Parents too are watching their own diversions on different screens, either their own laptops or live television.  With the decline of the dinner hour, family opportunities for conversation dwindle.  Not much interaction occurs when one family member at a time reheats their dinner on the microwave, then eats in their room or in front of their laptop.  

4. Smokers are poisoning themselves with carbon monoxide, among other heinous dangers.  While none would allow anyone else to pollute their air,  smokers are completely blocking out their own laws of cause and effect.     

To turn the tables, try to imagine what a great boss would offer.  Healthy nutrition, time away from work for friends and family, and clean air to breathe.  Then commit yourself to being that great boss.  Your stress levels may be the same at work, but your health and performance will improve! 

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